About Us

Who We Are

Welcome to Agate Bay Lodge, on Pagwachuan Lake, just east of Longlac, in Ontario, Canada.

Imagine you are on a boat, a gentle breeze as the day drifts away with the sunset. You hear the haunting call of the loon, watch an eagle gracefully glide by searching for an evening dinner, a beaver watches you as it swims by then dives with a thunderous tail slap... you think this is perfect, when suddenly a fish hits your lure, you set the hook and feel the weight of the fish... all that was perfect now seems even better!!! All this is waiting for you at Agate Bay Lodge.

Are you ready to fish for Walleye, Lake Trout, Northern Pike, Perch, Whitefish, or even Burbot. Maybe you would prefer to fly fish for Speckled (Brook) Trout. Drop us a line, and we'll put a fish on yours.

Our Vacation Packages

Our vacation packages are very affordable, and give you the option of choosing the type of experience you are looking for. You can strictly fish Pagwachuan Lake, and search for that trophy fish, or choose to be a Bushman (or Bushwoman) and try a different lake everyday getting that fly-in feeling, at a drive-in price. Or select something in between. The choice is up to you, if our listed package does not exactly match what you are looking for... drop us a line, and we will customize a package for you.

Agate Bay Lodge is, and will remain a small fishing camp. We want your vacation to be relaxing. This is your chance to get back to nature. To enjoy fishing the way it was meant to be. Leave the crowds, traffic, and the pressures of everyday life behind. Not only is the fishing great, but the scenery in this part of Ontario is second to none. Space is limited! When you stay at Agate Bay Lodge, you are on vacation, and we treat you that way. We will do everything we can to make your trip enjoyable, and one you will remember fondly for years.

Whether you schedule a family trip, or a group of the guys (or girls), this will be a great time for all of you. Picture yourselves fishing the morning, and taking a break for lunch on an island, just your group, and the beauty Ontario has to offer all around you. Make it a shore lunch, or pack a lunch and save the fish for later. Are you ready to fish, hunt, or just want to get away from it all? If you weren't thinking about it... you would not be reading this. Drop us a line, time to start planning that adventure.

Agate Bay Lodge in Ontorio is pleased to welcome you to our quaint little world of fun and pleasure. We are located near the Pawwachuan Lake, towards the east of Longlac in Ontario. If you are in mind for some peaceful fishing without any disturbance of the outside place, Agate Bay Lodge is just right for you. You will be able to spend time getting rejuvenated as you soak in the beauty of Mother Nature all around you.

Facilities At Agate Bay Lodge

Our hotel offers top quality facilitates including the well maintained spa, excellent gym and a yoga center to help you get in touch with your inner soul.  All these facilities re well maintained by out trained staff, making it the perfect spot for a vacation to relax. The kiddies swimming pool at Agate Bay Lodge will have you kids squealing in joy as they get to frolic in the water under the watchful eye of our 24/7 lifeguard. We also have a huge swimming pool for the seasoned swimmers to take a few laps as they indulge in some exclusive ‘me-time’.

If you want to maintain your fitness regime on your holiday, our fitness center is perfect to get a workout done.  After you are done with your workout routine, step into our magnificent spa and let out expert masseuse work out those kinks and knots in your muscles. We also have expansive golf courses, tennis and badminton courts to satisfy any sort enthusiast.

Fishing Opportunities

Fishing is a skill that most fathers like to pass on to their off springs. It is a chance to share a tradition that has been passed down through the ages. Agate Bay Lodge has several excellent fishing spots around the area making it possible for you to spend some quality time with your kids. Fishing is also a great way to hang out with your good buddies. As you sit and contemplate about life in silence, you will appreciate the camaraderie you share with your friends even more.

The gear used for fishing varies depending on the water body you intend to fish in. As you go further from the coastline out into the ocean for a stint of fishing, you will need heavier gear, whereas lightweight and simple fishing rods will suffice for pond or lake fishing or even fishing near the shore of the ocean. If you plan on spending some time fishing at a lake, you can get fishing rods that are lighter in weight at our gift shop or being your own along. You can also search the internet for different fishing rods according to your requirement.

Agate Bay Lodge offers you and your family to relax and spend time together. This wonderful time that you spend with your kids will always be memorable as you look back as they grow older. With the many demands that life places on you, we understand how important that you get to relax with no worries with your family by your side. As your kids grow older they will remember the days spent at Agate Bay Lodge with nostalgia, and they will probably plan a trip with their young families to instill the tradition you started for them.

Instilling a yearly trip to Agate Bay Lodge is a nice way to get in touch with nature. These days kids are getting addicted to electronic devices a tad bit much and this is the perfect opportunity to teach them there is life beyond that tiny screen in their hands. Let them marvel at Mother Nature and learn how to fish. The look on their face as they catch their first fish is enough to make everything worthwhile. So drop us a line and we will hook you up with some fish!