An Indian Christian Wedding In Its Full Bounty!

Indians love destination weddings, and their wedding is all about happiness and celebration. We recently got a wonderful opportunity to host an Indian Christian wedding. A Christian wedding is incomplete without white gowns, flower girls, flower bouquets, blushing brides, svelte grooms, gushing guests, laughter, wines and cakes. We had it all!

The whole experience was one of its kind for our team. We wanted to do complete justice to our clients so that we had undertaken the whole wedding package which is something which we do not do often. The results and the feedback came out so well that we are inspired to take up more such responsibilities. This write-up is to share the wonderful experience with you!

Pre-wedding Entertainments for the Guests

The bride’s and groom’s family and their guests arrived at our place a few days before the wedding date so that they can explore around Ontario and have fun. We had our signature fishing activity arranged for those who were interested. Deep sea fishing was truly a new experience for most of them. The thrill and interest were very visible, and we had a good time with them.

In addition to that, our team took them for sightseeing, adventure sports like scuba diving, snorkelling, etc. Commercial places were also visited to gratify those who loved shopping. A whole lot of interesting activities were provided for them. The whole team had a wonderful time enjoying the entertainments arranged specially for them.

Venue Decoration

This was a very interesting part of the wedding planning. The couple had a special fondness toward white and pink colours. So they wanted those colours to be used most in the wedding venue decoration. We assigned the flower supply and flower bouquets design to expert florists. A lot of pink and white flowers were the special demand!

We got the decoration work done by experts in the field of decoration. They decorated the venue beautifully according to the theme suggested by the couple. Flowers, ribbons, balloons and light, everything together made the place look magical. The venue appears stunning and beautiful in the wedding pictures, and it makes us proud that our efforts have paid off.

Food Menu Preparation

Indian weddings give a very special place to the food. The families had their own demands regarding the cuisine. They wanted certain dishes to be compulsorily present in the menu. We made arrangements with an Indian restaurant to provide the same. An exquisite menu was prepared combining their demands and our suggestions. A real treat for the guests was their requirement and we did complete justice to it.

Cake and wine are unavoidable elements of Christian weddings. We got a beautiful and enticing wedding cake baked for them. The couple were too delighted with it, and they thanked us for the same. Vendors were arranged to supply excellent wine in required quantity.

Photography and Videography

The clients had requested suggestions regarding professional photographers and videographers who can capture the event beautifully. We put in sincere efforts and gave them a list of excellent professionals. They made their choice from the list and from their feedback we came to know that the photographers and videographers did a great job.

Music as an Icing on the Cake!

Our clients were not typical about the music to be played in the wedding venue. They gave us the freedom to do it as per our interest, and we got it done in a grand way with the help of professional music bands.

Wedding day Makeover of Groom and Bride

The bride and groom were very particular about their wedding makeover, and they wanted to be done in their own traditional style. They had made arrangements for the bride and groom makeup done by makeup artist from Skulpt Makeup Bar, Chennai  and  also they could choosing their best wedding gown designers like The Fair Lady Designer from Diadem Bridal Gowns , Chennai , and Vera Ellen Wang who is a famous wedding gown designer.Their decision proved right! It is always best to stick to tradition when it comes to costumes and makeup. We were surprised to see the awesome makeover. Both the bride and groom were presented in their best look!

Marriage Ceremony Arrangements

Christians give a lot of importance to prayers and other religious rites in connection with the marriage. We had religious officials arranged to carry out the rites as per their belief and tradition.

The religious ceremony was followed by grand food and celebration. The entire event was an enjoyable experience. We look forward to more such events in future!

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