Innovative Conference Locations For An Imaginative Experience

Vacation, weddings and attending conferences are part and parcel of every life. If you are an office worker or part of a huge family you would have attended a conference or been part of a wedding for sure. The repeat experience can get boring and tedious after a point of time. To make the experience more fun the answer is to get the most exotic location. Hotels have been done and dusted. Every celebration tends to be held in a hotel. Even five-star resorts have become clichéd when it comes to meetings at a corporate level. The good news is when the corporate conference management is carried out by Kiyoh, Chennai they give you something unique, that has never been done before and is enjoyed by every participant.

Agate Bay Lodge, is the ideal option for an outstanding conference, wedding or party. This is the best place to party or organize a wedding or an exclusive place for a corporate event like a conference. Imagine this – a field of delicate bright red poppies surround you as you take a break from the nitty gritties of daily work. Does that not sound like an experience you would love to have? Won’t the beautiful scenic life make the tedious and humdrum hustle of conferences a tad bit more interesting? Or better yet picture this – a sea of exotic trees surround you as you walk a cobbled pathway and then emerge to a beautiful open space cafe where you get to see two souls join in holy union.

Creating The Best Events, Parties & Wedding In A Resort

The new generation is young and completely focused on technology; they have rarely experienced nature in its true form. We give you the opportunity to stay in a luxurious forest resort that is fitted with all your creature comforts but we also give you an inimitable experience. The resort is just twenty minutes away from a city center by car which makes it convenient to reach. It is in the middle of a pine forest which ensures a complete sensory experience. The banquet room comes fully equipped for any need and requirement. An open air cafe and museum make for great excursions for all guests. A personal catering experience where the most organic and delicious dishes are served resulted in satiated stomachs and memorable conversations. With room for almost hundred people the resort is just ideal for new innovative ideas for weddings.

To add a cherry on the top when the resort plans and executes your event it becomes a class apart. Be it parties, weddings, vacations or corporate meet we can plan them flawlessly because we know that nothing compares to an excellent stay.

A Good Corporate Event Management trends

A successful conference is not just one that passes on smoothly and without any glitch. It is one where the people learn new things and gain vital advice to move up in life. It is about making stronger bonds with old friends and creating links with new friends. At our resort, a meet will not leave you listless but rather full of energy with a renewed enthusiasm for your job. It will fill your heads with brand new ideas. To ensure this, we have a few tricks and tips to ensure the flawless execution of an event.

The venue or location is the most stunning place you would love to visit. The budget is flexible as per your requirements. But those are not the reasons we have become one of the most sought after stay places. It is in the planning of the details that our forte lies. For example, we even think about every tiny preference of our guests and strive to fulfill them. This is because people from different parts of the world have different requirements. Simple things like a bend towards tea or coffee, dedicated place for work or prayer. Stay at a mini-complex Red Poppies in a forest resort, visit an open air exhibition to take back memoirs and experience heaven on earth!

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