How To Crack The Syllabus Of IAS Prelims

Image Represents The UPSC Syllabus in Green Background.

Education in Chennai in recent years has seen a surprising trend. More and more students and young people are choosing to sit for the IAS exam. This flow of candidates towards the civil services has brought about a slew of IAS coaching and institutes in the metro. The biggest reason for the demand of IAS academies is the syllabus.

The Syllabus in UPSC conducted exam is vast. It spans the length and breadth of many subjects which makes it near impossible to study without any external help or support. The exam which is held in three phases, the Prelims, Mains and interview, has a different syllabus for each. It means preparing for each stage differs, and unless you clear the previous phase, it is no use studying for the next.

With such enormous curriculum, how does an IAS candidate crack the Prelims to reach the Mains? The answer lies in two tricks that every aspirant should follow.

  • First, decide what to study, and you will win half the battle. For instance, the Prelims is filled with current affair questions. Therefore, knowledge of topics like the Tamil Nadu political crisis, the latest legislation, developments in the Indian economy, changes in the environmental sector is crucial.
  • Second, be smart about answering the questions. Prelims consist of two questions papers:
  • General Studies (GS) or Paper 1 which has 100 questions each for two points.
  • Civil Services Aptitude Test (CSAT) or Paper 2, which has 80 questions each for two and a half points.

For each wrong answer, 1/3 marks are deducted. A candidate needs 66 marks in Paper 2, which is evaluated first, to qualify. Therefore, answer questions with a goal in mind. Too many wrong answers lead to a lot of negative marking!

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