5 Expensive Fishing Rods you should know

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Fishing rods are one of the famous fishing pole accessories that have been in use since 2,000 BC. Some suggest before 2,000 BC there was a similar invention in place of fishing rods. This evidence shows it is not a new item in the market. In the early years, there were different types of rods like jointed rods and running rings. Bamboo was useful widely during the 18th century. It was used considerably for a long time. The latest fishing rods are beneficial in various ways and provide excellent best outcomes for the users. Due to good results, more and more people have started to buy fishing rods with additional features.

Now, fishing rods have started to come with price tags of thousands of dollars. We have listed the top five most expensive fishing pole accessories you need to check out.

1. Oyster Bamboo Fly Rod that costs $4,600

The starting price of Oyster Bamboo Fly Road is $4,600. It is said to be the most expensive fishing pole accessory in the market. It is expensive because it is completely handcrafted and thus tempting customers to purchase. It comes with several options for optimization and price increases as the optimization goes complex. One of the best examples is the option to fix gold pieces in the handle’s engraved surface. The manufacturer does not give the price immediately until the interested customer is willing to deposit a certain sum as a proof of guarantee.

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2. Combo Bent Butt Fishing Rod that costs $1,788

The price of Combo Bent Butt Fishing Rod is $1,788. It consists of modern materials and manufactured in a modern manner. The product is famous as it offers the user outstanding control and exceptional strength. Under the bent butt fishing rods category, Combo Bent Butt is said to be one of the expensive options. It is worth the price as it consists of several exclusive features that you cannot find in any other fishing rods.

3. Orvis Helios 2 Fishing Rod that costs $795

The starting price of Orvis Helios 2 Fishing Rod is $795. Fishing lovers can select between the model appropriate for freshwater fishing, model appropriate for fly fishing, and model appropriate for saltwater fishing. Interested buyers can also increase the value of the product by selecting the product according to their specific fishing skills. If you want a reliable and durable fishing rod, this is the best option. Surely, the users can enjoy the ultimate benefits by purchasing this product.

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4. Daiwa Rod that costs more than $500

Daiwa Rod is almost like Crowder Rod. The starting price of the fishing rod is around $500. The price increases as the customer does various customizations. The best part of Daiwa Rod is it can be customized for various purposes. The brand has been popular mainly for saltwater fishing and it can be used either as a sidearm cast, an underhand cast, or an overhand cast.

5. Crowder Rod that costs $529.99

If you like to choose fishing rods that are made up of using modern materials, then you need to consider buying Crowded Rod. The starting price of Crowder Rod is $529.99. The price increases as the buyer adds accessories and customizes features. So, the exact price of Crowded Rod is not known. It differs from buyer to buyer. The price would mostly end up in thousands. The best part of Crowded Rod is the manufacturer provides several options to individuals. It means they provide numerous customization options to cater to the kind of fishing the buyer is interested in.

Kinds of fishing rods

There are several kinds of fishing rods easily available in the market. Some of the commonly used materials for manufacturing fishing rods are fiberglass and graphite. In recent years, a fresh composite material known as carbon fiber is utilized for manufacturing the fishing rods. It is also manufactured by combining carbon fiber and graphite. We have listed some of the best types of rods you should know while selecting from several options.

Fly rods: One of the best lightweight rods you should consider purchasing is fly rods. They are made using several composites, however, the split bamboo is widely used for manufacturing this rod. It comes under the classic category of fishing rods. As it is lightweight, it helps in a great way of obtaining a successful bite. Moreover, the conditions, wind, and location are other important contributors.

Carbon fiber fishing rods: It was launched as a competitor model to fiberglass rods. It is mostly used by experienced anglers as it is stiff and less flexible. If it is not used properly, it has the chances of getting damaged easily. It is light in weight and useful when you are involved in fishing for long hours. It is more sensitive than the fiberglass rods and even detects lighter bites.

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