How Fishing Reel Gears Affect Fishing?

How Fishing Reel Gears Affect Fishing?

Fishing, An Art In Itself

Fishing is like a game, a game that is filled with action and a climax. The climax could be exciting if your catch is good. There are a whole lot of factors that affect your catch. It could be the season, the climate, amount of sunshine, mist, temperature of the water, fishing gear and more. The availability of fish in the shallow water also determines how easy it is going to be able to catch them. Some fish like the bass will leave their winter haunts and head for shallow water during spring. It will make fishing them much easier. Spring Bass fishing can be an easy pastime for many.

You need to get used to your fishing rod and gear. Having the right kind of bait is also vital when it comes to fishing. Smaller bite sized baits will attract fishes quicker. Stick worms and TRD are certainly good baits but keep them minimal. Do not over work on your bait and rod. Most anglers try for force reaction strikes and power fish. It may work. But the traditional, methodical and measured fishing can also reap success. Have a long rod that can be flipped and pitched to a certain distance from your target. Keeping a distance from your target helps. Repeat your casts and try various casting angles.

Finding the right pitch point is a challenge. There are natural pitch points also called bottlenecks that always promise a few casts. Use spinnerbaits, jerkbaits, crankbaits to lure a good catch. Fish travel the most during spring and they stopover at a bridge, or rip rap to refuel. These are obvious pitch points you can simply aim to find the best bass.

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How To Choose The Right Gears

There are plenty of options when it comes to fishing reel gear. Buying a new one could be overwhelming due to the cost and the obvious confusion regarding the gear ratio. Choosing the right gear ratio is challenging. The gear ratio decides the efficiency of your fishing reel gear. Gear ratio is the measurement of the number of spool turns for each turn of the handle. If the gear ratio is 6.4:1, each turn of the handle will turn the spools by 6.4 times. So, a reel with gear ratio 5.1:1 is going to be slower than a reel with gear ratio 6.4:1.

Fishing Rod With Reel Wobblers In Box For Catching Predatory Fish.

You might also want to know the Inches per turn or the IPT of the reel. It is a measure of the number of lines that is retrieved into the reek in each turn. For lower gear ratio, big baits like deep crankbaits will be ideal. Big swimbaits and deep water spinnerbaits are other big baits you can use. These reels allow you to exert less effort to retrieve the bait and the highest amount of torque is used in finding more fish. Medium gear ratio reel is great for spring bass fishing with its multiple techniques and presentations. To fish the bait quickly and to force the most aggressive fish to react you really need a medium gear ratio reel.

A fast gear ratio reel helps you fish a bait really quick. Once the bait gets a bite, the success will depend on how quickly you can pull the rod. A high gear ratio reel will come in handy when your bait gets a bite 30 yards and more from the boat. Some baits like the jigs, jerkbaits, clipless crankbaits, topwater and even plastics can be used for a high gear ratio reel. It can be confusing to choose the right fishing reel gear. If you get to know all the numbers and what it signifies your job will get done a lot easier.

How To Get A Good Catch

Identifying where you can find a good catch is a challenge. A boat equipped with high end electronics can solve your problem. But even a poster map with extensive waterways can also be your best guide. Garmin units can easily identify the travel routes of certain fishes guaranteeing you abundant catch. It is not a necessity but can be lifesaving. Try drop shots of 5 or 6 inches on shallow water with a 6 pound line. It is easy to drag the bait towards you as the drop shot tiger is going to be at an angle.

It is important you understand the major and minor feeding periods of fishes as it can affect your fishing. Fishes bite the bait most during the major feeding period. All feeding periods are related to the moon. When the moon is on either side of the horizon, it is a minor feeding period. When the moon is directly overhead, it is a major feeding period. There are other visual indicators for major fishing periods. When the fishes are biting, you will find the frogs croaking, squirrels scurrying, and birds singing.

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