Each season we continue to learn more and more about our lakes. Both from personal experience, and from the success of our customers. We get great satisfaction from teaching our customers what works in this area, pointing them to the current hot spots, and doing everything we can to help put our guests into the best sitiuation to catch fish. We also don’t claim to know everything there is to know… at the same time we are always learning from our guests.

First let’s talk about some of the best ways to fish our lakes. It will depend which lake you choose to fish as each lake is different. On Pagwachuan, you need to cover water. Bottom bouncing, trolling, or downrigging will give you your best chance of landing fish. On Pagwachuan you have a real chance at landing the trophy you’ve been searching for (check out the fishing pictures on the home page; congrats to Jon who caught a 29″, 9lb walleye on Pagwachuan). Many of the fish on this lake will suspend, and move where the baitfish are. You need to move with them. Bottom bouncing is a great way to cover water, and keep your lure down in the strike zone. Since Pagwachuan is a very clear lake, most fish tend to stay deeper than you would find on a stained lake. We highly suggest you bring a portable fish locator. This will help you locate fish on the move. Don’t have one, they are available to rent at Agate Bay Lodge.

If you have never tried bottom bouncing there is a great article on the “Just Fish Ontario” web site. Click on the link at the bottom of the page, and it will take you to the article. Hit your back button to return to Agate Bay Lodge when you have finished.

When fishing walleye in one of our bush lakes, you can tackle them in a couple of different ways. You can Bottom bounce, or troll, using either method as a search tool. When you find fish, you can then anchor, and fish the area more thourghly. Jigging is a great method to really fish an area. We have found that worm or minnows tipped on a jig have about the same success rate. Colors and size are a personal preference, we have had good luck using silver, orange, or chartruce jig heads, and perch colored bodies. When working an area I will also cast a Rapala or similar type of lure before changing to jigging. It seems to pull out the most active fish first. Then I’ll change to jigging to get at the neutral to active fish.

If we are fishing for pike, then a variety of lure types will work. From spoons, to bucktails, jerk baits, minnow type, zip lures, or even plastics work. Change up your retrieves, throw some pauses in, speed up, slow down, let the bait sink, rip it up off the bottom… you get the picture. Keep throwing something different in front of them, and some times you will see them follow, the next they will grab that lure and run.

When you stay with us we will go into greater detail of what has been working at the time, based on the lake, and type of fish you are after. Hope to see you soon!

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