Catching Dangerous Fish- The Challenges

Image showing a dead fish placed on the floor

The predatory fishes, which come with a broad set of teeth and other frightening characteristics tend to be challenging to catch even for the experienced fishermen. Not only can these carnivore fishes bite you but many species tend to be also venomous. Here are some useful tips on how to catch dangerous saltwater fishes.

The Most commonly Fished Dangerous Fishes

· Sharks: Catching a shark requires years of experience. The fishermen who go for sharks generally don’t go for other fishes. When catching a shark, avoid either grabbing them or getting anywhere near their mouth.

· Barracuda: armed with sharp teeth, wild attitude, and the tendency to jump out of the water barracuda is another popular dangerous fish. Handle it with great care.

· Alligator gar: one of the most abundant predatory fishes, alligator gar, looks like a cross between a fish and an alligator. It can weigh up to 200 lbs. And it needs a unique bait as it spits out the regular baits due to its long mouth.

· Pike and Muskies: they are two different species coming with very similar characteristics. Both species are some of the most challenging to catch, and they are armed with not only sharp teeth but with extra-sharp gill plates which are better to avoid when handling them.

· Lionfish: perhaps the easiest to catch out of all these species lionfish also have large and sharp teeth which are best to avoid altogether.

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Top Rules When Dealing with Them

· You should never handle dangerous species with bare hands
· Avoid grabbing them or getting near their mouth
· You should not try to handle a large fish alone, don’t try to pull it in without a helper.
· You must always use a special de-hooker to remove the hook
· You should always have a first aid kit at hand.

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