A Beginner’s Guide To Spearfishing!

A Spearfisher Swims In The Blue Sea.

Spearfishing is when you free dive into the sea and catch fish with a spear. It may sound easy and fun, but it is only one of those things. It takes practice and patience to be called a proper spearo. If you are spearfishing for the first time here are some things you need to know!

Freediving And Equalising

Freediving or apnea is the art of holding your breath when below water. It is a crucial part of spearfishing. For a beginner, it takes time to get accustomed to it, but it is a trick that every spearfishing enthusiast has to learn. With practice, it does become much easier.

One golden rule of freediving is equalising, which is the concept of regulating the pressure in your middle ear. Every freediver has to learn how to equalise. Fortunately, the technique is straightforward and basic.

If you have ever flown on an aeroplane, you know that pressure builds up in the ear. To get rid of it, you plug your nose and blow gently till you feel that popping sensation.

That’s precisely how you equalise while spearfishing. Just keep in mind to not blow so hard that it damages the eardrums.

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Patience And Calm

Spearfishing is not about waiting for the fish to come to you. It is about going where they are. Since most fish tend to stay near the seabed, you need to dive deep. This requires patience.

First, you have to equalise to see what type of fish is around and if you can hunt it. All endangered fish or those not in the season are never captured during spearfishing. It is unethical. Second, you have to equalise again to get within shooting range of the fish.

You all need to say calm and in a zen-like mood because fish are similar to dogs. They can sense nervousness. So, be relaxed and go with the flow of the water before you pull the trigger of your spear! As long as you remain serene and act uninterested in the fish, you’ll zap your first hunt in a few seconds.

Spearfisher Swims OnThe Surface Of The Sea.

Beware And Follow

Like with any other sports, there are some dangers connected with spearfishing. While there are not a lot of risks associated with it, there are some safety rules every person should follow. If you are a beginner, then even more so to avoid any incidents.

  • Always remain close to your guide.
  • Stick to the instructions they give you. This is crucial because freediving for the first time can cause blackouts as practising apnea takes time. A buddy system and proximity to your guide prevent any such mishaps.
  • Be very careful of the position of the speargun. The pointy end of the gun can hurt fellow spearos (people spearfishing along with you)! The speargun must always be held face down underwater. Never keep it pointed towards the feet or backside of the person ahead of you.
  • Maintain a safe distance from your fellow spearos.
  • Keep everyone who is around you in sight, particularly those who are hunting fish to prevent any unintentional harms.

These were the fundamental things every person should know before going spearfishing, but they are even more important for beginners and amateurs. Keep in mind these tips, and you’ll be a professional spearo in a New York minute!

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