Valuable Tips On Fishing In Lakes

Lake fishing is different from sea fishing. The skills and techniques differ, all it needs is to practice and you can succeed at lake fishing. First understand the basics before starting lake fishing. The techniques/tricks have to be thoroughly understood before starting the process. Fishing in the body of water is termed as lake fishing. It is still water and can be surrounded by land or river. The lake can either be natural or man-made. Fishing in natural lakes gives you best results. Again the success of fishing depends on the size of the lake and its location. You can either use a boat or go without it while fishing. In the lakes you are limited to trolling motor boat.

Lakes need not be fresh; it can have a salt concentration like the Lake Urmia or the Great Salt Lake. Depending on the salt concentration, the fish’s survival becomes a question mark. In the lakes, creel limit is set; meaning the amount of fish to be removed per day is prescribed by the authorities.

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Techniques/tricks on lake fishing
Once you are ready for lake fishing, ensure you go through the tips before you venture into the waters. The tips are not for any specific species but in general.
· Fish prefers specific temperature to sustain in the lake area. It is here you can find school of fishes. Particularly the place where the water enters or drains out is the most favorable location for the fish. The bait fish and the monster fish are found in large numbers in this region.
· Identify the right bait for fishing. Freshwater baits like worms, leeches, crickets and minnows are successful in attracting the right fish to the rod. There are artificial lures also available online that is suitable for lake fishing.
· Fish tend to move away from hot temperature and the hotter the surface water, the deep they venture. Fish normally prefers cool temperatures as the external temperature rises. Fish will come to the shallows to feed during dawn and dusk. If you are interested in a particular species of fish it is important to research about them.
· There are some fish that love to hide in sunken structures as it makes them feel safe and protection from predators. Branches, fish habitats are some of the places where the fish love to settle down.
· Big weed beds are the best fishing ground. Even big fish find their prey in a big weed bed. Locate weed beds and you are in for a treat. If you can get your bait to this area you can ensure a catch. Some weed beds may be located deep in the water so create break line to push your bait further.
· Bait fish tends to get closer to the shore during days with heavy wind. This only means that big fish are sure to follow to feast on them. Just watch closely for the drift lines and it will lead to the bait followed by the bigger ones.

Before venturing for lake fishing, do not forget to follow the safety regulations. Wear a life vest and heed to state and local regulation when taking a boat to the lake. While fishing from the shore makes sure you use a wader belt, it prevents you from drowning if you accidentally fall into the water. Never leave any hooks on the shore as it can hurt other wildlife or domestic animals and even people at times. Always keep the lake surroundings spike and span. Do not litter around the lake. We live in an ecosystem inhabitated by flora, fauna and human beings, hence it is our responsibility to maintain utmost cleanliness while before and after fishing. Never leave garbage near the lake, be careful to put them in the bins.

The government has regulated lake fishing and it is important to get your fishing permits in place before plunging into the activity. Recreational fishing is allowed in certain localities but it is recommended to check with the local authorities on the fishing rules and if any fee has to be paid for availing the service. Since the natural resources belong to the state it is crucial to get the permission in advance before working on the bait.

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