Opportunities in the Fisheries and Aquaculture

Fishery Science is a field concerned with the study, understanding and management of fisheries.

Career Options In Fisheries Suggested By Chinmaya IAS Academy

There are plenty of opportunities in the Fisheries sector for people who prepare for UPSC exams. 

India is the leading producer of fish in the world and exports fish to other countries. Several developing countries all over the world depend on fisheries and aquaculture for their living. There are several occupations and job opportunities in both the government and private sector for students who take up fisheries science. The experts of Chinmaya – Best IAS Coaching Centre in Chennai talks about the scope of the Fisheries sector and offers specific tips on preparing for the Fisheries science subject of the UPSC examination 

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Career Opportunities Suggested By Chinmaya IAS Academy

One can apply for several job opportunities in the government and private sector. Students who take up UPSC examinations can become entrepreneurs and start their own fisheries-related business. There is a Fisheries department functioning in almost most of the state of India. You can apply for jobs in this department for various posts. There are various Central Government Agencies like Marine Product Export Development Authority Of India, Fisheries Survey Of India, WHO, NSI and others where you can get placed with fisheries specialization. Fisheries graduates can take up research projects and proceed with their higher studies. Aspirants can also opt for jobs in institutions, banks, and other foreign countries. Here you go through the career opportunities in the govt and private sector – which one is better for us.

Syllabus For Public Service Commission Exams Listed By Chinmaya IAS Academy

After clearing the preliminary examination of UPSC exams, students face difficulty in choosing their main subject for appearing in the Main examination. Students who appear for public service commission main exams can very well select Fisheries as their main subject. As there are several opportunities in the government sector related to Fisheries clearing Fisheries is an added advantage. The syllabus is categorized into Part 1 and Part 2. 

Under Part 1 of the Fisheries syllabus, the following subjects are to be studied. They areHow To Connecting classroom theory and field experiences in Fishery Science?

Fishery Biology

This subject mainly deals with freshwater fishes that are commercially used. The food habits of the fin and shell type fishes are also detailed in this subject. You would learn about the reproductive biology, stages of maturity, spawning, growth of freshwater fishes. The subject deals with the egg and larval stage of exotic fish species. It also details about the fish population in lakes, rivers, etc. You can gain knowledge about the fish resources in India. 


This subject mainly talks about the properties of soil and its chemical reaction. The chemical properties of water concerning fisheries are covered under this subject. The dynamics and chemical properties of inland and impound water is detailed under Hydrography. Students would gain knowledge of energy flow, aquatic productivity, energy flow, food chain, etc. You would understand the importance of preventing aquatic pollution. Preservation of endangered marine species and aquatic communities is given more considerable significance under this subject. You would also learn about oceanography, sinking, coasting up keeping, tides, current, and other related terminologies. 


This subject talks about the current status of aquaculture. It helps in creating their own aquaculture farms. You can also understand about the aquaculture system. The subject covers the basic about shellfish farming, cold water fish culture, seaweeds culture, and monoculture. You would gain a clear understanding of fish feeds and the techniques involved in it. 

Under Part 2, the subjects included are listed below. 

Fishery Technology

This subject mainly deals with the technology used for storing fish. It talks about the fundamentals of freezing technology and the different types of freezers in use. You would also learn about thawing, fishing crafts, methods involved in electrofishing and fishing gears. You would understand the basic technique of preserving fish and preparation of various fish products. You can know about fish packaging methods. 

Image of Aquaculture and Fish Technology Equipments.

Fishery Economics And Management

It deals with the statistics of the inland fish population. It covers the basics of taking up a fishery project and its implementation. You would understand the fish marketing system practiced in various countries. 

Fishery Extension Education

This subject deals with the role of the fishery is the economic development of a country. It 

also talks about the research involved in Fishery. 

Thus the above inputs offered by the experts of Chinmaya IAS academy would be useful for students to know about the opportunities with Fisheries. 

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