Pier Fishing

Pier fishing can be a rewarding experience for both the experienced and novice fisherman. One area of pier fishing that you will have to know is fishing rigs. There are different types of rigs for different types of fish. Some of the rigs will sound familiar because they are similar or identical to rigs used in fresh water fishing. If you are seasoned fisherman, just mentioning the rig type will immediately conjure up in your mind exactly what you need to do for the rig. If you are a novice to fishing, learn the rig but remember that the rig is a style and it can be used for other fishing situations as well. Let’s start with a rig for catching grouper.

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The concept is simple and can be used for several types of fish in different fishing situations. This is one type of rig for catching grouper; however there are a few different types of rigs for grouper. This is called a sliding sinker or egg sinker rig. In this rig you would place a sliding type weight such as an egg weight and let it slide freely on the line. The weight is placed above a treble hook and is used when fresh live bait is going to be used. With this type of setup the live bait will be able to swim more naturally while on the rig. As the bait swims around, the line will slide freely through the sliding weight and the bait will present a more natural appearance.

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