The Best Tips To Catch a Blackfish

Image of a Large Blackfish in the sea

Blackfish is otherwise known as a Tog or Tautog, and it lives along the Northeast coast. This is a fish which is challenging to catch; this is why there are so many guides about how best to find it. Tautog is very selective when it comes to baits, and even if it seems to take them, they have a tremendous tendency to spit it out, if they decide not to like it. 

How to increase your chances to catch a Blackfish?

The best seasons to catch Blackfish are spring and fall. Blackfish prefer to swim in the calmer waters. They don’t like to swim along the coast, but they also don’t go on too deep either. The overall depth of their habitat is around 60 feet. This is why fishers should focus on fishing them from wrecks, rocks, or a boat 20-30 miles from the coast. Blackfish is the hungriest when it’s either dusk or dawn. 

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They sleep through the night

The best places to throw in baits are mussel beds, piles of rocks. The best baits to use green crabs and bucktail jigs, which are particularly useful when you let them down to touch the bottom. The best length of fishing rod to use for catching a Tog is between 6 and 6 and a half inches long. Use a braided fishing line that’s good up until 40 pounds. 

Braided lines are much more useful when it comes to “seeing” when a fish takes a bit. If you are using green crabs, use a swivel to attach a 50-pound monofilament to it. Use a loop know to rig the sinker to the very end of the monofilament. When you are done, make a dropper loop above that (7-8 in) and attach a 2-feet mono to it using a 4/0 hook. Use a barrel swivel when you are using bucktail jigs. Attach a 3 ft — long fluorocarbon leader to it utilizing the pivot. 

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