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Agate Bay Lodge on Pagwachuan lake has a wide variety of fish. There is the hard fighting lake rout. The lake trout prefers cool water, so you will usually find this battler deep. If you have never hooked into a down deep Laker, you have to give this a try. Since Pagwachuan is deep (192 ft), spring fed, and has a good baitfish population, it sustains a perfect environment for both quantity, and size.

Walleye, this is what most people come to Ontario for… prized as one of the best tasting fish, and famous as the fish of choice for shore lunches. Pagwachuan has a good population of walleye, and you will find their size is a little better than most lakes. Try trolling, jigging, casting crankbaits, or maybe a bottom bouncer…

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Northern Pike, when this fish hits your lure, you know it. Pike will roam the shallows and weed beds in spring, then as the water warms, they head to deeper water preferring cooler temperatures. With all the deep water in Pagwachuan, maybe you’ll be the next one to pull in that 40″ + Pike.

Whitefish, this often overlooked fish will suprise you with its fighting ability. It is usually found in deeper water, and is sometimes caught when fishing for lake trout or walleye. Whitefish is a very mild fish and is great grilled, fried, or broiled.

Perch, yes we all enjoy the battle of a big one, but when its time to get some fish for dinner, you cannot beat a kreel full of perch. In June, look in shallower water in the weeds. In summer they will suspend in deeper water close to weeds.

Speckled Trout (aka Brook Trout), try your hand at fly fishing for one of these treasures. From the aggressive strike, great battle, to the sheer beauty of the fish. Imagine yourself wading a river, just the sound of nature, then the sudden strike of a brook trout…

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