Things To Know About The Working Of Fishing Net

A Large Fish Caught In The Fishing Net.

Fishing nets are essential equipment which is used by professional fishers. They use it for catching fish in large numbers as fishing nets can cover a large area. Before making use of a fishing net, one must be aware of its working and tactics to be followed when using it. To be a part of a commercial fishing fleet, one must be familiar with the fishing net that he/she is using. Here you would come to know about the different types of fishing nets and its working.

What Is Fishing Net?

A fishing net is an equipment or tool used for fishing. They come in various types of materials like nylon, silk, fibrous plants, grass or any kind of material which is thin and flexible. The fishing net usually contains a mesh which is formed by tying knots using the fishing net material.

Fishing nets were used even by our ancestors several centuries back to catch fish. The oldest fishing net Antrea was used dated back to 8300 BC. Koreans made use of sinkers in fishing nets which is from 27,000 BC. Thus fishing nets have played a key role in ancient civilizations. It is also said without a fishing net; human beings would never be evolved.

Fishing nets make the job of a fisher easier as it is possible to cover a large area of water in less time. It is also possible to catch a large amount of fish using fishing nets.

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Working of Fishing Net

The working of a fishing net varies based on the type of fishing net used. The basic principle behind the working of a fishing net is the same. The fishing net is usually a mesh-like structure which is cast in the water. The water current makes the net to move, and fishes are collected inside the net. Once fishes are trapped, we can pull out the net from the water.

A Man Thrown & Caught A Fish In His Fishing Net.

Types of Fishing Nets

The following are some of the different types of fishing nets that are commonly used all over the world. The working of each of the below-fishing nets is different. One can choose the right kind of fishing net based on the fish that lives in the water.

Hand Net: This is a common and straightforward type of fishing net. It is also called dip or scoop nets. In this fishing net, the net is attached to the end of a pole. The pole is dragged so that the net moves and collects fishes in it.

Fixed Gillnets: This type of fishing net is mainly used to catch fish in shallow waters. In this type, stakes are used which are placed in the ground. The fish gets trapped in the net as the fish tries to move on its way.

Bottom Trawl Nets: These are large-sized fishing nets which are mainly used for catching deep-dwelling fish. The net is cone-shaped and attached to a boat and cast into the water.

The above gives an overall idea about the types and working of fishing nets.

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