Critical Tips for Ice Fishers To Catch a Brown Trout

Image of a person holding a dead brown trout

As the summer has come to an end, ice fishing possibilities are also getting nearer. While this type of fishing is not for everyone, there are several delicious species which can only be caught with this particular technique. And Brown trout is among them. Ice fishing is a hobby which requires plenty of will and experience, but once you collect this experience, you may soon become to like it. 

About the Brown Trout

These species originate from the ice-cold waters of Europe, and they tend to weigh up to 40 pounds. As a large carnivore fish, Brown trout also tends to be often hungry and aggressive too. Although this may lead you to believe that the Brown trout is best to be caught with a larger bait, this is far from reality. The best lures for Brown trout are the smaller ones including mealworms, minnows or even spoons and jigs can work well if they can be swayed vertically. 

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Catching a Brown Trout is a Tricky Task

Here are some critical hacks with which you will be able to catch some.

  1. Use a standard monofilament line instead of the braided line. While braided line works better in normal water, it doesn’t work well in icy water. It can get heavy and packed with ice.
  2. Always check the stocking reports: if you want to make sure you will catch a brown trout of a right size you need to make sure, that there is a decent amount of them in the area you are preparing to fish at. 
  3. Ensure the ice you are staying on is safe enough: ice fishing requires at least a 5-inch thick ice for staying safe, even if you use a warmer in your little winter cabin. Last but not least, always have a valid fishing license with you.

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